SOMI-1 Kit

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  • SOMI-1 Motion Sensor
  • SOMI-1 Wristband
  • SOMI-1 Receiver
  • SOMI-1 Sound app (please contact us to get access)
  • USB-C cable

Quick start guide, latest firmware, manual, support

SOMI-1 MIDI Controller
Key Features:


  • Up to 6 sensors simultaneously (add more sensors)
  • 7 different 3D movement parameters per sensor
  • 9-DOF state-of-the-art sensor fusion
  • Wireless via Bluetooth® 5 based custom protocol
  • Low latency under 10ms (no perceivable delay)
  • High Precision (ca. 0.01 degrees)
  • Range up to 50 meters (164 feet)
  • Up to 30 hours battery lifetime

Receiver Hub:

  • MIDI 1.0 Interface (USB-MIDI, TRS-MIDI, MIDI Host)
  • Connectivity to music software & hardware
  • Button to pause sensors and MIDI mapping
  • Encoder to adjust sensitivity 


  • MIDI Note, Control Change and Pitch Bend signals
  • Adjustable MIDI channel
  • Direct connection to music software and hardware (no extra drivers or software needed)


  • Scale individual sensor values
  • Inverse sensor values
  • Slew limiters for smoothing
  • Customize MIDI Note range and threshold
  • Change MIDI Control Change controller
  • Enable high resolution (14 bit) Control Change
  • Save settings directly on the SOMI-1 hub
  • Integrated editor for Ableton Live (Max for Live)
  • Ableton Live preset projects

SOMI-1 smartphone app:

  • Several different sound presets
  • No need of additional software or hardware
  • UI for easy usage without musical or technical pre-knowledge
  • Editor to use SOMI-1 in combination with external MIDI compatible apps

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