Our Services

We are a professional, agile team with many years of experience in design and engineering. Our strong expertises are in:

  • (Real-Time) Embedded Systems
  • Firmware Development (C/C++/Assembly)
  • Digital Audio
  • Industrial Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Hardware Production


Instruments of Things Team

You need custom features for your professional project with SOMI-1?

In the past we had many successful collaborations with companies, such as Ableton or MONOM (4DSound), which required specific features or assistance for their professional use-case with SOMI-1. For example, you need special behavior of movement parameters or want to connect SOMI-1 to your proprietary spatial audio or visual system? No Problem!

You want to realize your own product or build a prototype?

Often the realization of ideas gets stuck due to wrong decisions in early development stages leading to cost intensive changes. We guide you in the right direction from the start of your idea. For example, which software framework is suitable for your product or which material should you use for your housing? Let us know!

You struggle with production of your hardware product?

Since the global semiconductor shortages, prices of electrical components are skyrocketing, or even worse, the components are not available at all. Hence, many companies doing hardware products are struggling with production. We gained lots of experience in the last years and can help you to address these problems to meet your deadlines. Furthermore, the importance of production tests is often underestimated leading to high costs and frustrated customers due to malfunctions. We can help you with our production partners and support!

Request an individual offer for your project

Feel free to contact us to bring your ideas to life: services@instrumentsofthings.com