IO-Lights MIDI Controller

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Comes with USB-C to Micro USB adapter cable

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IO-Lights is a MIDI controller that controls MIDI CC or MIDI Note messages via environmental light. A high-resolution light sensor in the center of the product makes it possible. In addition, MIDI notes can also be sent to IO-Lights, which are then represented as light by the 12 LEDs on the device.

Use the web based IO-App configure settings or firmware updates.

Key Features:

  • Control MIDI CC signals via light
  • Play MIDI notes via light
  • High-precision light sensor to measure brightness
  • 12 white LEDs as possible data output
  • Random LED mode to randomly play notes or change controls
  • Feedback loop mode generated by light and MIDI parameters
  • Note quantizer
  • Slew limiter
  • Web App to configure settings and update firmware
  • USB-MIDI class compliant (no additional drivers are needed)
  • Micro USB port
  • Under 3 milliseconds latency

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