Henrik Langer
Development and Production

Niko Schönig
Finance and Sales

David Knop
Design and Marketing

Instruments of Things® is a music-tech StartUp based in the north of Germany, Kiel, founded in 2018. The three founders Henrik, David and Niko are connected by a strong passion for electronic music, especially made with modular synthesizers.

Henrik is the head of the team who discovered his passion for audio technologies in his early youth. Since then, he kept on working on free time projects and luckily found his mentor Robert Manzke during his studies, who is an absolute synth nerd himself. Together with Robert Manzke, he invented the CTAG multi-channel audio system, which is compatible with Bela. Henrik is active as an artist and is member of the Downtempo band Oberheimer and plays drums in a cross-over punk band as well.

David is the design guru who loves to create physical product designs as well as being deep dived into user experiences and interaction possibilities for electronic music instruments. He’s also responsible for most of the creative representations of the projects e.g. on the website or social media channels.

Niko is the expert for the numbers and sales. After looking for a finance person, which suits our need for open minded thinking and celebrating electronic music culture, Niko luckily realized that selling music-tech products is much more fun than selling insurances.

2.4SINK is their first product which is furthermore representative for the specialization of Instruments of Things® – the development of novel interfaces for further thought-out possibilities of using electronic music instruments.